Mesmerizing Wooden Lamp Uses Magnets to Switch On

Michele Debczak
Heng Balance Lamp / Kickstarter
Heng Balance Lamp / Kickstarter / Heng Balance Lamp / Kickstarter

When it’s turned off, the Heng Balance Lamp resembles a work of modern art. But join the two wooden spheres in the center and the piece lights up to become one of the most creative lamps ever crafted.

Spotted over at WIRED, the Heng Balance Lamp is available for $44 through Kickstarter. Its switchless design is made possible through the magnetic balls attached to the top and bottom of its frame. Raise the lower sphere to meet the one in the center and watch the frame’s interior illuminate. Magnetic forces hold the two orbs suspended in place until you’re ready to turn the lamp off.

The deceptively simple concept was impressive enough to earn the lamp a coveted Red Dot Design Award in 2016. The crowdfunding project has already surpassed its initial goal many times over, and there’s still more than two weeks left in the campaign. Backers have until January 30 to reserve their Heng Balance Lamp with shipping projected for June of this year.

[h/t WIRED]