Uncork Bottles Like a Cowboy With This Gun-Shaped Wine Opener

Rebecca OConnell
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Opening a bottle of wine with a run-of-the-mill opener isn't always the most graceful pursuit, and even some of the fancier devices are clunky and difficult to use. Now you can avoid the fuss and bring a little Wild West magic to your next bottle share with the wine opener gun by WineOvation.

The cordless device works just like a normal electric wine opener, but it's cleverly disguised like a pistol. Simply point the tool directly over the cork and pull the trigger; the opener will automatically stop once it's out. Next, push the trigger forward and the gun will push out the cork. With help from an internal battery, the opener can pop as many as 30 bottles before needing to be charged. Keeping in theme, the charging port looks just like a holster. The fancy piece of equipment has a soft rubber handle, and comes with a foil cutter so you can get to your vino as fast as humanly possible. The device comes in pink or silver, so, theoretically, you could color coordinate your corker with your all-time favorite blend.

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