Harry Potter Cafe in Singapore Offers Literal Goblet of Fire

Michele Debczak

Image credit: TheSmartLocal

There’s no need to plan a trip to Hogsmeade to find yourself some magical grub. A Harry Potter-themed restaurant targeted towards muggles opened in Pakistan in 2016, and a separate team recently opened a themed cafe of their own in Singapore. According to Elite Daily, Platform 1094 offers something extra magical: a blue “Goblet of Fire” drink that blazes with actual flames.

The menu at Platform 1094 is packed with wizard-friendly dishes. Diners can order the "Giant’s Breakfast," for example, with eggs, sausage, roasted pumpkin, and bacon-wrapped pineapple, or the "Black Magic" dessert with black sesame panna cotta and squid ink profiterole.

But the main attractions are the drinks that resemble what you’d expect to see in Professor Snape’s Potions class. Their signature "Goblet of Fire" is made with lemonade, Bacardi rum, and blue Curacao liqueur to give it its spellbinding shade. The server lights the drink on fire and patrons can watch the flames spark and erupt when cinnamon is sprinkled on top. If that’s not enough to convince diners they’ve been transported to Hogwarts, wands, witch’s hats, and chairs upholstered with pictures of Harry’s Patronus further add to the ambiance. Platform 1094 is now open to muggles and wizarding folk alike.

[h/t Elite Daily]

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