Subtle Survivor Belt Buckle Hides a Collection of Useful Tools

Alvin Ward
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Just by looking at it, you wouldn't know that this minimalist belt buckle holds a whole slew of tools inside. The SlideBelt, a survival belt, equips those who wear it with a number of items that help with tasks both indoors and outdoors.

Inside the ratchet belt buckle, wearers can find a knife, bottle opener, flashlight, and fire starter stick. And even the belt itself can be used as a tool—the durable material is made "of an internal webbing core coated in a durable TPU alloy protective shield" and can be used as a rope to bundle branches or pull heavy objects. At the moment, the survival belt comes in four colors: black, desert tan, olive drab, and classic brown.

The belt is heat resistant up to 214°F, making it a safe bet for sitting by the campfire. Continuous notches on the inside make it easy to adjust the length to any size, and the design lets you cut off surplus belt material if needed.

Gifs from SlideBelts, YouTube