This Outlet Comes With a Built-In Night-Light

Rebecca OConnell
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Getting up in the middle of the night—to pee, grab a snack, or otherwise—can be a real pain. Aside from having to leave a warm bed, there's the issue of deciding between stumbling around in the dark or facing harsh overhead lights. The best solution is to pop in a night-light to illuminate the walkway, but what if you don't have any outlets to spare? This handy coverplate solves the problem in seconds.

The gadget works just like a normal coverplate and fits over all standard outlets. Tiny LED lights line the bottom to create enough illumination to lead a sleepy person to the bathroom, and a tiny sensor automatically turns them on or off depending on how dark a space is. Since the light is built into the coverplate, it leaves both outlets free for other electronics. Now anyone awake in the wee hours of the morning won't have to worry about accidentally bumping into a wall or stepping on the cat.