A Harry Potter-Themed Pasta Restaurant Has Opened in New York City

Shaunacy Ferro

Muggles no longer have to travel to Orlando's Wizarding World to get a taste of the magical Potter story. A Harry Potter-themed restaurant just opened in Brooklyn, offering pasta plates worthy of a wizard, Entertainment Weekly reports.

Pasta Wiz serves dishes like Magical Meatballs and a Dragon’s Blood smoothie in a hall designed to mimic the Hogwarts castle. Owner Alex Dimitrov told Gothamist that the most magical part of the restaurant is that it will serve up a hot plate of pasta just three to five minutes after you order. Because this is the Brooklyn version of Hogwarts, the menu is all organic and features vegan options like non-dairy parmesan cheese.

New York City is no stranger to movie-themed bars and pop-ups, like the Tim Burton bar that opened in 2015. But the Big Apple is only the latest of several different cities around the world to embrace Harry Potter-themed dining. Toronto has a bar called The Lockheart; Islamabad, Pakistan has a Harry Potter Café that opened in 2015; and Singapore has another outpost of the latter restaurant called Platform 1094.

[h/t Entertainment Weekly]

All images courtesy Pasta Wiz via Facebook