A Luxury Travel Company Will Help You Star in Your Own Nature Documentary

Shaunacy Ferro
iStock / iStock

Wish you had David Attenborough’s Planet Earth gig? A luxury travel company wants to make your movie star (well, documentary star) dreams come true. The UK-based Luxury Travel Advisors is launching tours that allow clients to star in their very own wildlife documentary, according to The Telegraph.

There are three different tour options, with eight to 12-day journeys in Brazil, the Arctic, and Africa. Each one includes a five-person documentary film crew that follows the group of up to four guests on their journey to scope out South America’s jaguars and toucans, the Arctic’s polar bears and foxes, or Africa’s big cats and rhinos. The company plans to expand into trips to India, Yellowstone National Park, and Bermuda (where you’ll be able to swim with sharks!). Afterward, you'll get a private HD screening of your trip's footage for friends, family, and whatever Animal Planet producer you can get to show up.

The company calls it “A true combination of luxury travel, responsible ecotourism, conservation and a true once in a lifetime experience.” There are no prices listed on the website, which probably means you can’t afford it.

[h/t The Telegraph]