U.S. Currency Depicts Lady Liberty as a Black Woman

Michele Debczak
United States Mint/Twitter
United States Mint/Twitter / United States Mint/Twitter

Long before we learned that Harriet Tubman would be gracing the $20, Lady Liberty was a common sight on U.S. currency. Now, after a 72-year hiatus, the United States Mint announced they’re reviving the figure like she’s never been seen before. As ABC News reports, a new gold coin will portray Lady Liberty as a woman of color for the first time in history.

The American Liberty High Relief Gold Coin will be released in honor of the U.S. Mint’s 225th anniversary this year. On the front, Lady Liberty is depicted as a black woman in a crown of stars. She’s flanked by two dates: 1792, the year the mint was founded, and the current year, 2017. The reverse side shows an image of an eagle in flight.

The $100, 24-karat gold collector’s coin will be minted at the West Point Mint Facility in New York and released on April 6. This version of Lady Liberty is one of several that will be unveiled in a new series. Gold coins representing Asian-American, Indian-American, and Latina women among others will also be produced, with one coin coming out every two years.

[h/t ABC News]