Power Up With This Super Mario-Themed Radish Shaper

Michele Debczak
Animi Causa
Animi Causa / Animi Causa

Even if your days aren’t filled with saving princesses and fighting Goombas, you could probably use a power-up every now and then. This kitchen tool—spotted by Gizmodo—allows you to shape radishes into mini mushrooms ripped from the world of Super Mario Bros.

To create the tiny treats, slice off the top of a radish and press the flat side into the center of the device. Turning the vegetable creates a stubby mushroom "stem" and the tip of the tool can be used to carve white polka dots on top.

The tool, called Ravanello, is currently backordered but normally retails for $12. It’s expected to be back in stock in February, so you'll have plenty of time to power up before the release of the Nintendo Switch in March.

[h/t Gizmodo]