Which Animals Fart? This Google Doc Will Tell You

Shaunacy Ferro
iStock / iStock

Most people who own pets can attest to the fact that they, just like us, occasionally let out a toxically smelly fart. But what about animals in the wild? For the curious, a legion of animal specialists recently created a collection of answers, as Popular Science alerts us.

Twitterer Dani Rabaiotti posed a question about whether snakes fart to ecologist and snake expert David Steen. The discussion led to a hashtag, #doesitfart, and subsequently a Google Doc collecting all the answers researchers and animal experts could think of.

Some of the answers are surprising. For instance, snakes do fart! So do mussels, in their own way. There’s commentary and description, too. “Hell yes” bobcats fart, one contributor writes. Animals that eat squirrels apparently have quite noxious gas, according to that researcher. Snakes fart, too. The Burmese python’s gas is “Thick, and … meaty?” per one entry. “If it were a color it would be brownish-yellow.” The more you know. Please peruse this Google Doc at your leisure.

[h/t Popular Science]