Want a Caffeine Boost Without the Acidity? Try Mushroom Coffee

Four Sigmatic/Amazon
Four Sigmatic/Amazon / Four Sigmatic/Amazon

From bracelets to peanut butter, there are plenty of creative ways to get your morning caffeine fix. Finland-based Four Sigmatic is one of the latest companies to offer up an unconventional option with a product that looks, smells, and tastes a lot like a regular coffee—but take a look at the ingredients list and you’ll see that mushrooms are a major component.

As Food Republic reports, mushroom coffee is made by combining Arabica coffee beans with mushrooms that have been dried, boiled, and liquefied. The coffee, which is already a good source of antioxidants, gets an extra antioxidant boost from the mushrooms as well as added minerals like zinc that counteract the beverage’s acidity, according to Four Sigmatic founder Tero Isokauppila. The result is a milder brew that’s easy on the stomach and the taste buds.

As Isokauppila says in the video below, a lot of coffee drinkers who normally take their drink with milk have no trouble drinking mushroom coffee black. And the flavor doesn’t seem to be an issue, as the mushrooms already taste like coffee. According to Delish, Isokauppila says the indigenous people of Finland have been turning mushrooms into a drink mix for thousands of years.

At 40 milligrams per serving, mushroom coffee has about half the caffeine of regular coffee. That’s enough to give you a gentle energy boost without the mid-morning jitters. You can purchase a 10 pack of Four Sigmatic’s instant coffee for $11.35.

[h/t Food Republic]