Sephora Releases Collection of '90s-Inspired Lip Balms

Sephora / iStock
Sephora / iStock / Sephora / iStock

In case you haven’t noticed, the ‘90s are back with a vengeance. Lisa Frank has a brand-new clothing line; TV execs are rebooting classic sitcoms like Full House and Twin Peaks; and your dad’s plaid flannel shirts are suddenly high-fashion. Now, Refinery29 reports, makeup giant Sephora has joined in: The company has released a line of tinted lip balms that’s reminiscent of the lipsticks that were manufactured by the now-defunct Bonne Bell Cosmetics.

The Sephora Collection Sweet Balms are sheer, tinted lip balms that come in an assortment of punchy pastel shades, including violet, pink, and coral. Their selling point, however, is their packaging: The balms come in plastic push-up tubes that look kind of like PEZ dispensers, or even the original Bonne Bell tubes you knew and loved as a tween.

The Sweet Balms are available for purchase on Sephora’s website and cost $6—a small price to pay for a huge dose of nostalgia.

[h/t Refinery29]