Singapore Artist Knits Ramen Noodles Into Edible Creations

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Cynthia Delaney Suwito knits with food instead of fiber. As Munchies reports, the Singapore-based artist stitches cooked ramen noodles into long tapestries, laboring for hours over each slippery segment until an edible creation is complete.

Suwito’s projects are purposely time-consuming. The artist purchases noodles at the supermarket, boils them, lets them cool, and then spends between three and four hours knitting the soft, narrow strips of dough into 8-inch sections.

Suwito says her work makes an artistic statement about society’s obsession with immediate gratification. Instant noodles are “supposed to be very instant. I’m doing something very slow to it,” she says in a video published by Top 10 News. “So by using this instant thing Ive actually made the process of knitting slower than it should be.”

Suwito’s work has been exhibited at various Singapore galleries, including the Brother Joseph Mcnally Gallery and the Institute of Contemporary Art Singapore. In addition to her ramen tapestries, Suwito has also created an art installation called “Instant Noodles–Specimen,” which imagined what archaeologists of the future would think about the food, and a project called “Noodle Confessions,” for which the artist pasted crowd-sourced memories of eating instant noodles onto ramen packages.

Watch Suwito in action as she creates noodle art:

[h/t Munchies]