Upgrade Your Vacation Goals With These Vintage-Style Posters for Time Travelers

Shaunacy Ferro

Expedia is prepping for a future where travel doesn’t just mean heading to another country. What if you could head to another era, too? The travel company recently put together a series of vintage-style posters that illustrate the destinations they’d advertise if time travel were possible.

In the world of the hypothetical future, you could be headed back to the Jurassic Age to catch views of dinosaurs or to Montana’s Wild West saloons. You could check out the markets of Pompeii before they disappeared under volcanic ash, or experience the Ice Age for yourself.

Which time period would you pick for your next vacation?

Oh, and remember that time travel doesn’t just let you go back in time. You could head to 2117 CE on Europa—Jupiter’s moon and a prime candidate for finding life outside of Earth. Expedia isn't the only organization already advertising space travel, though. NASA has already produced several series of amazing posters imagining the space tourism of the distant future.

All images courtesy Expedia