City Maps Replace Transit Stops With Popular Instagram Hashtags

Michele Debczak

Tourists might have an easier time getting around if transit systems adopted these maps from Tags and the City. As City Lab reports, each map replaces the names of the subway stops with the most common Instagram hashtag used at each location.

The team behind the project, which consists of Jug Cerović, David Goldwich, and Tin Fischer, built the maps using geo-tag data from Instagram’s API (this hyper-specific information is no longer available to the public, so all the hashtags are from 2014). Their website features the transit systems of five cities—Berlin, London, Paris, San Francisco, and New York—as well as the hundred most popular stations from each according to Instagram. On Manhattan’s subway the Franklin Street stop is now #ghostbusters in reference to the nearby firehouse from the films and on Paris’s Metro the Louvre stop is now #monalisa. Food is a popular theme in each city, with #innout replacing San Francisco’s Broadway stop and #currywurst making an appearance in Berlin.

After exploring each map in-depth here you can head over to Tags and the City’s Redbubble store to shop posters, mugs, and more.

[h/t City Lab]

Header/banner images courtesy of MTA of New York via Wikimedia Commons // CC BY 2.0