Should You Splurge on an Impulse Buy? This Chart Can Help You Decide

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The prospect of a good sale can block any kind of rational analysis about the necessity of a purchase. It’s pretty easy to talk yourself into a shiny new toy. But since retail therapy can leave you broke (and not much happier), you might want to try asking yourself a few questions before you hit the checkout.

The Penny Hoarder put together this flowchart to guide you through the sensible thought process you should use while you’re headed up and down the aisles of a store. Try these on for size:

Courtesy The Penny Hoarder

Sometimes, though, not even the most rational arguments can dissuade us from buying something we don’t really need. If it's retail therapy you're after, keep in mind that research has found that you’ll enjoy purchases more if they fit your personality type. So if you’re really on the fence, consider whether you’re really buying the right thing for you, personally.

[h/t The Penny Hoarder]