Finally, a Toaster Tough Enough for Bacon

Jake Rossen
Nostalgia Electrics via YouTube
Nostalgia Electrics via YouTube / Nostalgia Electrics via YouTube

There’s no question that frying bacon in a pan is the best way to prepare the world's most delicious threat to your arteries. For the unmotivated, heading for the microwave runs a close second—but that often leads to a not-so-crispy product and a coating of grease inside your appliance.

A new alternative has arrived. It’s the Bacon Express, a $30 countertop device that seems destined for late-night television advertising. It's manufactured by a company called Nostalgia Products.

The appliance has two reverse gull-wing doors that fold down to allow for the introduction of raw bacon slices that dangle over the middle heating element. Once the doors are closed, it takes only minutes to deliver up to six pieces to your plate, with the grease draining to a disposal tray below. Nostalgia asserts that their vertical cooking approach means a no-shrivel bacon experience.

Pair it with a grilled cheese toaster and you may begin to wonder why your modest bread toaster ever made you happy.

[h/t Gizmodo]