Witch-Shaped Spoon Holder Is Perfect for All Your Bubbling Potions

Rebecca OConnell
Animi Causa / OTOTO
Animi Causa / OTOTO / Animi Causa / OTOTO
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The next time you're throwing your eye of newt into the cauldron, you might want to use a steam releaser to let out a little hot air. Agatha, a witch-shaped silicone tool, might be the right candidate.

Created by OTOTO (the kitchen gurus who also designed whimsical cookware like the Loch Ness tea infuser and this bed for your sponge), Agatha is a playful character that holds on to your spoon and simultaneously lets steam out of the pot—all while giving the appearance that she's riding a broom. You can buy the kitchen helper on Animi Causa, a site that's also slinging this device that turns radishes into Super Mario-themed mushrooms.