Spoil Your Valentine With a Bouquet of Beef Jerky Flowers

Kirstin Fawcett
Say It with Beef
Say It with Beef / Say It with Beef

For some hungry Valentines, nothing says "romance" like cured meat. This February 14, forego flowers and send your loved one a bouquet of edible daisies or roses, sculpted from teriyaki, peppered, or original flavor beef jerky.

As The Kitchn reports, a company called Say It With Beef sells the savory blossoms, which come in pint glasses or beer mugs instead of vases. They’re billed as "brouquets"—a masculine alternative to flowers—but Say It With Beef says their product is technically for everyone, since "ladies like meat, too."

Sadly, Say It With Beef doesn’t deploy couriers to hand-deliver the bouquets. The flowers arrive via mail, packed in an airtight bag for extra freshness, and recipients arrange them in the accompanying glass themselves. The jerky flowers are shelf-stable, so they should remain fresh for one to two weeks if they’re stored in a sealed container. If you plan on leaving the gift on display for admiring visitors, Say It With Beef recommends consuming the bouquet within a week after arrival.

If the way to your Valentine’s heart is indeed through their stomach, Say It With Beef’s bouquets cost $35, and are available for purchase online.

Photos courtesy of Say It with Beef

[h/t The Kitchn]