The Youngest Certified Yoga Teacher in the U.S. is Just 11 Years Old

Shaunacy Ferro
Care4Yoga/Facebook / Care4Yoga/Facebook

San Clemente, California might be home to the youngest yoga instructor in the U.S., according to The Orange County Register. Last summer, Tabay Atkins became a certified yoga instructor—when he was just 10 years old. Now 11, he teaches at his mom’s studio, CARE4YOGA.

The studio, founded by Tabay’s mother, Sahel Anvarinejad, offers classes for kids, teens, and adults. Anvarinejad became a yoga instructor in 2012, after discovering the practice while recovering from cancer. She took the then-6-year-old Tabay to some of her certification classes, including training to teach yoga to children with autism, cancer patients, and other students that might have special needs.

Tabay enjoyed the yoga training classes so much that he began a 200-hour yoga instructor certification course after graduating fifth grade. According to Anvarinejad, Tabay is the youngest certified instructor in America, and he may be one of the youngest in the world.

Now that he's certified, he isn't using his earnings as pocket money, though. Rather than asking for payment, he collects donations for charitable causes, including donations to the families of cancer patients and to the Children’s Hospital of Orange County.

[h/t The Orange County Register]