Freshen Up With Jane Austen and Sigmund Freud-Themed Toothpastes

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Believe it or not, there's more to the world of toothpaste than mint. Aside from children's fruit-flavored toothpaste, there are also wacky options like cupcake, wasabi, and—a bit more abstractly—Jane Austen and Sigmund Freud. Thanks to Archie McPhee, you can set aside your boring, evergreen-flavored toothpaste in favor of tastes inspired by some great minds. Well-read brushers can choose between a rose-flavored Austen toothpaste or a banana-flavored Freud option.

Austen's toothpaste features a picture of the author along with some floral designs, while Freud's has a picture of the psychoanalyst surrounded by soap bubbles. Each tube has 2.5 ounces of unusual smelling toothpaste that will probably give you some interesting breath. If you're planning on buying some, we recommend you brush alongside an Austen or Freud action figure.