Twinkies Ice Cream Arrives Just in Time to Ruin Your New Year Diet

Jay Serafino
Getty Images
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We're not even a full month into 2017, and it's already looking harder and harder to keep your diet resolution intact. Over on The Impulsive Buy, a picture from a fan showed something the world never thought it needed: Twinkies ice cream. If that's not enough, the Twinkies variety was joined by a Sno Balls flavor, and according to Food Beast, the famous Hostess CupCakes will get its own carton as well.

The bizarre concoction was spotted at a Riesbeck's grocery store, which is a small chain that operates in Ohio and West Virginia. The line of Nestle ice cream was announced toward the end of 2016, but seemed to fly under the radar.

The original plan was to release the Hostess ice cream sometime in February, but as Food Beast points out, someone obviously jumped the gun. Or perhaps the subsequent internet frenzy over the sight of Twinkies ice cream is exactly what the company wanted as the products begin to roll out nationwide.

[h/t The Impulsive Buy]