This Browser Extension Will Correct All Your Grammar Mistakes

Shaunacy Ferro
iStock / iStock

Even professional writers will let slip the occasional typo or misspelling. And your spell-checker won’t catch the difference between very and vary, or tell you that you have a stray comma stuck in that paragraph. Grammarly, a web and desktop app, can.

It checks spelling and usage, highlighting your grammar mistakes. When you click on one of those red underlines, a pop-up will tell you exactly what the app thinks is wrong, whether it’s unnecessary punctuation, the wrong "its," or a verb-noun agreement issue. It will help you find a synonym, too. It’s like your elementary school teacher, automated.


You can either upload your text to the Grammarly website, download the desktop app, or use the in-browser extension, which will check your emails, Facebook posts, and anything else you’re writing on the web. Banish your writing mistakes for good and get the Chrome extension here or the desktop app (for Mac only) here. If you use Windows, there’s a Microsoft Office version, too.