Hit the Slopes in Flashy '80s-inspired Ski Gear From Tipsy Elves

Rebecca OConnell
Tipsy Elves
Tipsy Elves / Tipsy Elves
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The holidays are over, but that hasn't stopped ugly sweater company Tipsy Elves from offering up gaudy and festive options for the winter season. The company's retro-inspired ski collection features ostentatious ski suits, sweaters, hats, and neck warmers.

Largely inspired by trends from the '80s and '90s, and the fashion of famous personalities like Elvis and Evel Knievel, the collection includes splashy designs like rainbows, neon colors, and even an American flag cape.

"Some fashion trends should really stay in the past," Tipsy Elves says on their website. "But there are some pretty awesome designs that deserve a revival."

The collection's one-piece ski suits, made with waterproof fabric, include insulated lining for warmth. There are also retro-inspired long johns, shirts, sweaters, and wind breakers (for warmer days on the mountain).

As the website points out, these bright outfits are not just for humor: They help skiers stay visible against the white snow, and the one-piece feature makes getting dressed in the morning a lot easier.

You can see the whole collection here.