Jack’s Email HACKED! Secret Burger Leaks, What’s Next?


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In a breaking development, it appears that an elite group of cyber criminals have hacked Jack Box, founder of Jack in the Box restaurants. Details are still emerging, but the hackers are releasing compromising emails from Jack's private inbox - with the most momentous revelation being that Jack has a new burger in the works, something referenced as the 'Triple Bacon Buttery Jack'.

The hackers, a group simply known as JackiLeaks, first made the leak public by taking over a popular social video to announce they have hacked Jack’s emails and found the secret recipe for the new burger along with embarrassing photos from Jack Box’s cell phone.

The contents of Jack’s inbox are trickling out on Jackileaks.com and on the @jackileaks Twitter account.

When asked to comment, Jack Box was silent.

Beyond the secret recipe to his latest burger masterpiece, the Triple Bacon Buttery Jack, with crispy bacon strips, creamy bacon mayo, and all topped off with melty bacon butter, the hacker masterminds have teased the press about other private messages from Jack’s email. Several unsubstantiated rumors are swirling about a romance novel written by Jack, as well as an entire photo album of “definitely not incriminating” photos.

What other juicy details will be released from Jack’s inbox? Only time will tell.