Cutter Turns Cookies Into Nut-Hoarding Squirrels

Animi Causa
Animi Causa / Animi Causa
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At long last, you can finally channel your inner Snow White by filling your house with tiny woodland creatures—in cookie form. This creative plastic cutter can turn rolled-out cookie dough into an adorable squirrel shape with two raised paws. After finding a small nut to place on top, fold the little critter's arms to wrap around the morsel. If you don't like nuts in your cookies, you can also use fruit, big chocolate chunks, or anything else that can fit into the animal's arms. And if you want to put a Valentine's Day spin on these cuties, try using conversation hearts or red cinnamon hearts for some top-notch treats.

You can grab one of these adorable cutters on Animi Causa. They're currently back-ordered, but will be back in stock next month.