The Library of Congress Sigmund Freud Collection Is Now Available Online

Michele Debczak
Wikimedia Commons // Public Domain
Wikimedia Commons // Public Domain / Wikimedia Commons // Public Domain

Whether you’re looking to learn more about Sigmund Freud’s life and relationships or his thoughts on psychoanalysis, the Library of Congress has good news: Much of their Freud collection is now accessible online, as ARTnews reports.

The Library of Congress in Washington D.C. is home to nearly 50,000 documents and other items that Freud amassed during his lifetime. For the digital collection, employees uploaded the contents of over 2000 folders, including Freud's writings on the inception of psychoanalytical theory, the further development of his ideas, and the responses he received from critics and advocates.

The archive also features more personal artifacts, like letters Freud sent to his friends, family, patients, and colleagues. One of the more interesting correspondences is an exchange between Freud and Albert Einstein titled "Why War?" and sent in the early 1930s. In it, the pair discuss the nature of war and how it can be avoided. (Both men were eventually forced to live in exile to avoid persecution during World War II.)

You can browse the full collection at

[h/t ARTnews]