Prepare Your Entire Breakfast—Coffee Included—With One Efficient Appliance

Rebecca OConnell
Amazon / Amazon
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The hardest part of cooking a well-rounded breakfast is getting the timing right (after all, no one wants cold eggs or floppy bacon). Fortunately, there are plenty of innovations on the market to make cooking as efficient as possible. In addition to this all-in-one frying pan, there's also the Nostalgia Electrics 3-in-1 Breakfast Station.

This retro, diner-esque appliance can cook a whole slew of different breakfast items—and brew you a pot of coffee at the same time. Up top, there's a griddle for eggs, sausages, and bacon, which is situated just above a toaster oven. To the left, there's a coffee maker that makes up to four cups of java. Everything is controlled with knobs in the front, so the chef can stand in one place while making the meal.

This one-stop breakfast station is perfect for creating elaborate meals in record time and saving a little counter space. City dwellers in cramped apartments know the value of kitchen space, so it's important to make each appliance count.

Hungry chefs can get their breakfast fix with one of these devices over at Amazon.