Now You Can Enjoy a LEGO Brick Burger

Jake Rossen
Brick Burger via Facebook
Brick Burger via Facebook / Brick Burger via Facebook

You can apply a lot of adjectives to LEGO bricks, but "appetizing" has rarely been one of them. Yet one restaurant in the Philippines, called Brick Burger, is having a good deal of success by replicating the familiar nub-topped blocks in their hamburgers. They've created buns shaped like the toy in three primary colors: red, yellow, and black.

Brick Burger first opened its doors in 2016, and owner Jergs Correa's love of all things LEGO inspired the menu and décor, which is stuffed with LEGO boxes and figures. Instead of using paper or a software program, Correa even laid out his floor plan using LEGO pieces. Giant LEGO bricks double as ceiling lights, and customers can even tinker with playsets while they wait for their order to arrive. The restaurant also offers free sets to diners who can finish their super-sized meal in record time. There's no word on whether LEGO has any official involvement in the eatery. 

Brick Burger is located at the Hampton Gardens Arcade in Pasig City. And yes, your bill tray will be made from LEGO bricks.

 [h/t The Telegraph]