Relax With Space-Themed Bath Bombs

Rebecca OConnell
UncommonGoods / iStock
UncommonGoods / iStock / UncommonGoods / iStock
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From bath bombs shaped like the Harry Potter sorting hat to bath bombs that resemble Pokeballs, the scented products can make the simple act of taking a bath more interesting. Some—like this set modeled after all the planets (and the sun) in our solar system—can even help you soak in a more out-of-this-world experience.

Each of the nine bath bombs features a colorful design that resembles that of its corresponding planet and is made natural ingredients. The "Sun" is made up of ginger and jasmine, "Mercury" makes use of Moroccan spices with activated charcoal, "Venus" includes guave goji, "Earth" smells like an olive grove, "Mars" incorporates rose and peony, "Jupiter" features saffron and honey, "Saturn" smells like lavender, and finally, "Uranus" and "Neptune" share black raspberry and vanilla.

The whole set of nine can be purchased on Uncommon Goods for $48.