Bring Your Wild Side to the Slopes With These Animal Snow Masks

Rebecca OConnell
Perpetual Kid
Perpetual Kid / Perpetual Kid
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Thanks to the many stylistic freedoms that come with ski-wear, the slopes can double as a bundled-up fashion show. Snow masks are key for particularly cold days, but that doesn't mean you have to look like a stock photo computer hacker. Instead, liven up your outfit with some ski masks that look like animals.

Gift store Perpetual Kid is currently selling a line of snow masks that look like cats, dogs, bears, and raccoons. The polyester masks are anti-microbial treated to keep them smelling fresh, and lined with fleece to keep your face warm. They're thin and flexible, so you can easily fit a pair of goggles over them and really sell the snowboarding panda look. Best of all, they have extending ears, which are sure to make you the most popular mammal in the ski lodge.

They currently have the following options: frisky cat, grumpy cat, orangutan, raccoon, panda, and border collie.