You Could Get Paid to Eat Cadbury Chocolate

Shaunacy Ferro
Matt Cardy/Getty Images
Matt Cardy/Getty Images / Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Job alert: You could be getting paid to eat chocolate. Mondelēz International, the company that owns Cadbury, Oreo, and other confection-makers, is looking for a chocolate taster, according to The Independent.

The part-time dream job would be located in the UK town of Reading and involve taste-testing chocolate and cocoa alongside an 11-person panel of chocolate experts. You'll be helping Mondelēz create and launch new candies all over the world, so prepare to wield immense international power.

You’ll need a “clearly defined vocabulary” to describe and distinguish between new products, which we assume means you’ll have to start using phrases like “notes of bread crust” to describe your favorite candy. You'll also need some knowledge of chocolate-related ethics, apparently: the ad states that you will be required to "raise questions and concerns when faced with an ethical or compliance issue."

You should probably go about eating as much chocolate as possible before your interview. Go ahead and track down some Cadbury Oreo Eggs and call it research. But first, apply here. Immediately.

[h/t Independent]