Tour the World From Home With This Epic Google Earth Hyperlapse

Google Maps via YouTube
Google Maps via YouTube / Google Maps via YouTube

Since Google Maps first debuted on February 8, 2005, users have been able to explore far-off locations without ever leaving their computers. To celebrate the 12-year anniversary of the service, filmmaker Matteo Archondis uploaded a hyperlapse video created with 3305 Google Maps screenshots taken around the world.

In this video spotted by Sploid, viewers pay visits to Rome, Verona, Venice, Paris, London, Barcelona, Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco, the Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, New York, Greenland, Mount Everest, and Kyoto. Each location transitions seamlessly into the next, thanks to the sheer amount of stills Archondis used. It took him two days to capture the screen grabs, and two weeks of post-production to create the smooth time-lapse effect. You can check out the result below—no passport required.

[h/t Sploid]