A Newly Discovered Photo of Harriet Tubman Is Up for Auction


A newly discovered photograph of Harriet Tubman is going up for sale at Swann Auction Galleries in New York City, according to Jezebel.

The previously unrecorded image is part of an 1860s carte de visite collection, a type of miniature photo album that was popular at the time. Tubman’s photo is one of 44 photo cards of abolitionists and politicians collected by Emily Howland, a Quaker abolitionist.

The photo (left) is a particularly rare find because of how young Tubman was when it was taken. It dates back to just after the Civil War when she was in her early forties. (Tubman was born sometime between 1819 and 1823, but the exact date is unknown.) Many of the known photos of the abolitionist and suffragist show her later in life. The famous photo on the right was taken sometime in the 1870s when she was in her early fifties.

The photograph is going up for auction on March 30.

[h/t Jezebel]

All images courtesy Swann Auction Galleries