Double-Sided Pan Makes Flipping Food a Breeze

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Say goodbye to the cumbersome experience of cooking with a spatula or tongs—this unique pan lets you flip your food with ease, no master chef skills required. The Happycall pan is essentially two nonstick pans combined. Once your food is done cooking on one side, you can close the lid and flip the closed pan upside down for a more evenly cooked concoction. Thanks to a magnetic handle, the pans stick together and keep your food in place. Meals with a lot of moving or liquid parts (like say this Grilled Cheese Eggplosion) are a lot easier to manage when they can be flipped with one fluid motion.

Since the top can be closed, the pan helps cook food faster and guards against oil splatter. The double-sided pan also has silicone-lined edges to keep any grease or liquids from escaping during the flipping process.

If you're looking to improve your cooking game, you can grab one of these cooking innovations for $45.25 on Amazon.

[h/t Oddity Mall]