Relax, Listening to 10 Rumbling Hours of an Arctic Ship

Chris Higgins
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Sometimes we need a relaxing background sound. For some, it's the Star Trek ship sound. For others, sleep-inducing podcasts are the way to go. For Netflix fans, there's an oscillating fan.

Today, I am proud to present 10 hours of ambient sound, featuring a polar icebreaker in a storm. The sound is part live recording, part synthesized audio, and the video features a static shot of a Norwegian research vessel. The net effect is truly relaxing, conducive to background sound for reading, sleeping, bathing, you name it. From the YouTube description:

10 hours video of Arctic ambience with frozen ocean, ice cracking, snow falling, icebreaker idling and distant howling wind sound. Natural white noise sounds generated by the wind and snow falling, combined with deep low frequencies with delta waves from the powerful icebreaker idling engines, recorded at 96 kHz - 24 bit and designed for relaxation, meditation, study and sleep.

Crank this up and relax:

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[h/t: Boing Boing.]