Clever Strainer Gets Rid of Food Debris Without You Having to Touch It

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Doing the dishes can be a pain, but the real agony comes at the end when you have to clean out the sink. Dishwashers and garbage disposals have solved these woes for some, but if you don't have those luxuries, there are still some affordable gadgets out there to help. Tweak is a special rubber strainer that makes chores just a little bit less gross. It keeps bits of food out of the drain and then shoots them right into the trash with a clever design.

The strainer comes in green, yellow, blue, pink, and purple. Thanks to its flap-like shape, it fits over most drains that are less than 4.3 inches in diameter. While you're doing dishes, it filters out debris just like all strainers; when you're ready to dump the food bits in the trash, simply squeeze the handle on the side, bring over to the garbage bin, and flip inside out to eject the soggy mess. The clever design makes it easy to clean the strainer all without getting a single piece of wet lettuce on your hands. If you're still not satisfied with the hygiene of your Tweak, the silicone strainer is dishwasher safe. 

Say goodbye to touching mushy food and get your own on Amazon for $10

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