Drivers in Iceland are Being Pulled Over for Being Distracted by the Northern Lights

Shaunacy Ferro
iStock / iStock

Driving around Iceland is a great way to catch the Northern Lights. Unfortunately, staring up in wonder at the sky is not a great way to drive. According to Iceland Magazine, drivers in the Land of Fire and Ice should take heed: They could be pulled over for driving under the influence of the aurora borealis.

Icelandic police patrolling near the Keflavík International Airport recently pulled over two separate drivers who claimed their erratic behavior on the road was due to the celestial phenomenon, not drunkenness. Both cars were swerving on the road as their passengers—all foreign tourists—stared up at the sky rather than keeping their eyes on the road. Unfortunately, there’s no breathalyzer for natural wonder.

While it's understandable to get a bit carried away while checking the aurora borealis off your tourism bucket list, that's no excuse for treating lane markers as suggestions. The police skipped ticketing the distracted travelers and recommended that next time, they pull over to look up at the Northern Lights. Better yet, they should have booked a room in a glass igloo to watch them all night long.

[h/t Travel + Leisure]