Add Some Elegance to Your Cooking With This Swan-Shaped Ladle

Rebecca OConnell
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Last year, fans of kitschy kitchen gadgets fell in love with the Nessie soup ladle—a handy spoon that created the illusion that the mythical Scottish creature was actually hiding in your stew this whole time. This year, the hot new animal-themed ladle is a graceful swan that floats on top of your pot. Swanky, made by the same creators that brought us Nessie, is a self-balancing ladle that can float in whatever liquid you've got heating up in your saucepan. The curved swan head works nicely as a handle that can be hooked on the wall for storage. It's made with food-safe plastic that's safe in the dishwasher.

You can pick one up in black, white, or pink on Amazon or Animi Causa. And if you're in the United Kingdom, keep your purchase under wraps, or the Queen might try to claim it.