UK Brewery Offers Employees 'Paw-ternity' Leave for New Puppy Owners

Shaunacy Ferro
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A new puppy is a lot of work. Even helping an adult rescue dog adjust to a new home can be time-consuming and stressful, much less a pup that doesn’t know anything about house training. The Scottish beer lovers at BrewDog understand the challenges new puppy parents are under, so the company is now offering “paw-ternity” leave, according to GrubStreet.

“Yes, having dogs in our offices makes everyone else more chilled and relaxed—but we know only too well that having a new arrival ... can be stressful for human and hound both,” the company says in its press release on the subject. Now, on top of inviting its employees to bring dogs to the office, BrewDog is giving its workers a week’s paid leave to care for a new canine companion. (Don't worry, the company says that it also offers "enhanced maternity and paternity pay for two-legged arrivals!")

BrewDog is opening up a new Columbus, Ohio location, so if you're in the area and considering adopting a pup, you should probably get a job there.

[h/t GrubStreet]