Peeps Oreos Have Arrived, Just in Time for Easter

Rebecca OConnell
Walmart / iStock
Walmart / iStock / Walmart / iStock

If you're a fan of sugary hybrids like Peeps Milk and Swedish Fish Oreos, you're going to be interested in this news: Peeps-flavored Oreos are real, and they're on sale now.

Skipping over St. Patrick's Day entirely, Nabisco has debuted a new Oreo flavor that features golden vanilla sandwich cookies packed with sparkling Peeps creme. The bright pink cookies have caught the eye of the Junk Food Aisle Instagram account, which promptly featured the novel new cookie on its account. As of Wednesday, the seasonal snacks are now available at your local Walmart.

Is this marriage of treats a great idea, or a kind-of-gross gastronomical stunt? The TODAY team taste-tested the cookies, with mixed results. While social media associate Brooke Sassman described the taste as "what I would imagine Easter tastes like,” the sweetness was a bit too much for managing editor Amy Eley. “I love every Oreo in the world—but this one does get REALLY sweet about four chews in," she said. "I don’t think I could eat a second one.” Sounds like this is one debate that can only be settled by tasting them for yourself.

[h/t CNET]