11 Essential Spring Cleaning Products

Better Life/Amazon
Better Life/Amazon / Better Life/Amazon
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While cleaning probably won’t top too many people’s lists of favorite springtime activities, a good top-to-bottom scrub of your home can be a cathartic experience. To help you get started on your spring cleaning, we pulled together a list of products that will get your house sparkling in no time.

1. Scrub Daddy Three-Pack; $18

Scrub Daddy/Amazon

The Scrub Daddy is no ordinary sponge—and that's not just because of its smiling face. The scrubber alternates between soft and rigid, depending on the temperature of the water you rinse it with. Gently wipe down dishes with a soft, warm sponge, or tackle tougher stains with a colder, harder sponge. The product was the darling of Shark Tank a few years back, and now it’s a staple in stores everywhere.

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2. Instant Rug Rejuvenator; $40

Hammacher Schlemmer

Anyone with a light-colored carpet knows the struggle of keeping it clean. This rug rejuvenator scrubs more vigorously than you could ever do by hand. It has two sets of rotating bristles that massage the carpet shampoo into the fibers. Once the shampoo dries, the crystals and dirt can all be easily vacuumed up. The simple cleaning process gives a deep and balanced clean that will make your carpet look and feel brand new.

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3. Dyson Cord-Free Vacuum; $400


Say goodbye to cumbersome cords and cables with a completely wireless vacuum. This popular Dyson vacuum is battery powered and runs on a digital V8 motor that can last up to 40 minutes. It's great for getting dirt that's deeply wedged into corners and carpets, and you can even remove the handle and use the smaller handheld option for harder-to-reach areas.

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4. Swiffer Sweep and Vacuum; $48


The Swiffer Sweep and Vacuum is the all-in-one tool you need to get your floors clean. With its long-lasting battery, you can get to work on cleaning up dust, dirt, and any other remnants of winter. The Swiffer uses its sweeper to get unwanted particles out of hard-to-reach places, while its vacuum works on larger debris that may still be lying around on the floor.

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5. One-Handed Broom and Dustpan; $30


Once you've finished sweeping, getting the pile into a dustpan can prove to be a bit of a problem. This unique dustpan aims to make the process somewhat simpler by removing the handle. Instead, the device has a spot for your foot to keep it in place while you sweep in debris. And as a bonus, it even has a little comb on the side to clean out the broom when you're finished.

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6. Two-Pack of Angry Mama Microwave Cleaners; $12

Bell Dream/Amazon

Getting caked-on food off of the inside of a microwave is going to need more than just a sponge and some elbow grease. Use this "angry mama" cleaner to help loosen up the gunk first. Simply fill it with water and a bit of vinegar and microwave. The steam from the head will soften the splatters and help remove any funky odors.

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7. Dust Mop Slippers; $11


If you haven't swept in a while, you might notice your socks beginning to pick up bits of dirt and hair—but now you can do that on purpose. Make your footwear work for you with these slippers that double as microfiber mops. Now you can clean your floors without even thinking about it, and then toss the slippers into the wash afterward.

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8. Better Life Unscented All-Purpose Cleaner; $8

Better Life/Amazon

This is one bottle with a lot of uses. Better Life can be used on countertops, toilets, baseboards, floors, and pretty much any other place in your home that could use a good scrub. You can even use it on laundry to remove stains. And an added benefit? It’s a plant-derived cleaner that’s safe to use around kids and pets.

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9. Scrub Gloves; $16


OK, these gloves may look ridiculous, but hear us out. Having scrubbers attached to your fingers makes it easy to apply just the right amount of pressure to scrub off dried-on or burnt food residue.

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10. Bar Keepers Friend Sponge; $16

Bar Keepers Friend/Amazon

Bar Keepers Friend is about to be your friend for polishing appliances and cookware. The substance is tough on rust, lime, stains, and tarnish and comes with a non-scratching scourer cloth. Use it on white porcelain sinks and tubs, pots, pans, and anything else that needs a new shine.

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11. Gel Keyboard Cleaner; $13


Dirty keyboards and other gadgets are often the last things on your list to clean up. Now you can happily check it off first, using this giant glob of goo. The Silly Putty-like substance is perfect for grabbing little bits of dust, dirt, and snack residue from your laptop, phone, and anything else with lots of nooks and crannies.

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