Xbox One to Offer 'Netflix for Games'

Jake Rossen
Microsoft / Microsoft

In a move that might remind gamers of Sony’s Playstation Now online subscription service, Microsoft has announced that Xbox One users will soon be able to browse and borrow from a library of more than 100 games, Engadget reports. It’s called the Xbox Game Pass, and it promises to kill more of your time than ever before.

The Pass works like this: Owners of the Xbox One console pay $10 a month to access a rotating catalog of back titles from the Xbox 360 and the One. If you see a title you like, you can download and install it on the One, eliminating any potential internet lag issues. (Playstation Now is a streaming service.) If you really like a title, you’ll have the option of buying it at a 20 percent discount.

The move has been seen by some video game analysts as an attempt to bolster sales of the Xbox One, which have been lagging behind Sony’s Playstation 4 console. Microsoft hasn’t announced which titles will be included, but listed publishers such as 2K, Bandai Namco, Capcom, and THQ as participating developers, with Halo 5 and NBA 2K16 being teased on their landing page. The Xbox Game Pass will be available to Xbox Insiders shortly, with a full rollout expected this spring.

[h/t Engadget]