If you grew up with a Game Boy in your pocket, the sight of this mug is probably filling you with a lot of warm, nostalgic feelings. Replace those feelings of longing by reuniting with your beloved handhold console in mug form. This charming kitchen staple looks just like the original grey Game Boy that graced many Christmas stockings in 1989. Unlike a regular Game Boy, this one holds the hot beverage of your choice. Pour in some hot tea, coffee, or Dr Pepper, and watch the screen light up. On one side, it shows the Super Mario Land start-up menu. On the other, it shows the scene of Mario rescuing Daisy—apparently right before she turns into a spider.

Like all heat-sensitive mugs, you have to be mindful of care. Keep it away from microwaves and dishwashers, or the heat-sensitive coating will get ruined (the same advice goes for real Game Boys).

You can grab your own officially licensed mug on for $13.