3D-Printed House Built in 24 Hours in Russia

Shaunacy Ferro
Apis Cor
Apis Cor / Apis Cor

A new 3D-printed house just went up in Russia, marking new strides in rapid-fire construction techniques. The Moscow home was built in just 24 hours, designboom reports.

Though 3D printing hasn’t become the norm in construction, it’s no longer a sci-fi dream. The first 3D-printed office opened up in Dubai last year, and in Beijing, one 3D-printed house is built to withstand an 8.0 magnitude earthquake. In 2014, a Shanghai company printed 10 houses in one day.

The company behind this latest project, Apis Cor, describes its project as the first 3D-printed house made with a mobile printer. Apis Cor's crane-like printer technology is small enough that the house can be built from the inside, rather than by a machine larger than the house itself. It’s still 20 feet long and weighs as much as an SUV, but in construction terms, that’s pretty small. Plus, it can be transported to the site itself rather than shipping prefabricated materials to the lot for assembly.

The house, which was built in Moscow, measures about 410 square feet, and at around $10,000 to build (including wiring and insulation), it’s cheaper than most tiny houses. And unlike some other printed houses, it’s pretty stylish.

[h/t designboom]