The Most Popular Disney Channel Original Movie in Each State /

What’s your favorite Disney Channel Original Movie? It might depend on where you live. looked at state-level data on Google Trends to find out which Disney Channel movies people in each state are searching for.

The list isn’t as intuitive as you’d think. Johnny Tsunami is popular in Hawaii, where the beginning of the movie takes place, but there’s no obvious reason why Nevada residents would be more curious than anyone else about Mom’s Got a Date With a Vampire.

Unsurprisingly, more than one state is filled with fans of the Lindsay Lohan gem Get a Clue. Plenty of people are searching for The Ultimate Christmas Present, a 2000 movie starring Disney Channel darling Brenda Song. Zenon, however, is only appreciated to the extent that it truly deserves in Minnesota. It's the 21st century, people! Watch more Zenon! You can see the full list on the CableTV site.