A Revolutionary Toy Idea: 'Hamilton: The LEGO Set'

doniazade//LEGO Ideas
doniazade//LEGO Ideas / doniazade//LEGO Ideas

Can't score Hamilton tickets? Thanks to one fan's LEGO-loving husband, you may soon be able to recreate the magic of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s historical musical in your very own living room.

Earlier this month, LEGO Ideas community member doniazade submitted a Hamilton-inspired LEGO set to the LEGO Ideas website. It's a miniature replica of the musical’s stage, complete with tiny figures of Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, the Schuyler sisters, and other characters. If 10,000 different fans support the design, it will become eligible for review to become a real-life LEGO product.

Not surprisingly, doniazade is a huge Hamilton fan. "I don't remember exactly how my Hamilton journey began, just that, despite being neither American nor a musical fan, I got hooked to the cast recording immediately," doniazade explains in her submission to the LEGO Ideas website. "Some months later, I travelled to the greatest city in the world to see it with my own two eyes. And last Christmas, my husband gave me the most thoughtful gift: a custom Hamilton Lego set…"

As of March 7, the Hamilton LEGO set—which doniazade has dubbed "Hamilton: A Lego Musical"—had already reached more than 2500 supporters, meaning it’s well on its way toward meeting the coveted 10,000 number. ("The plan is to fan this spark into a flame," to quote a fitting line from the Hamilton song "My Shot.")

Check out some pictures of the Hamilton LEGO set below.

All images courtesy of doniazade//LEGO Ideas