South Korean Artist Creates Cartoon Tattoos of Real-Life Pets

Kirstin Fawcett
iStock / iStock

Instead of simply carrying a picture of their pets inside their wallets, some people in South Korea opt to get whimsical tattoos of their furry friends. Tattoo artist Jiran transforms clients’ pet pics into cute illustrations, and often adds fun details—think hearts, bones, stars, and accessories—to his designs, making them even more cartoon-like.

In South Korea, getting inked is tricky business. Tattoo artists are also required to be licensed doctors, but many artists skip this requirement, opting instead to practice illegally. Still, tattoos are becoming mainstream—and thanks in part to social media platforms like Instagram, artists like Jiran are gaining fame, followers, and customers.

Check out some of Jiran's work below, or follow him on Instagram.

[h/t 9GAG]