7 Candy Bars You Can Now Get in Spreadable Form

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If you're a fan of eating Nutella straight out of the jar, we have some great news: There are plenty of other sugary spreads for you to sink your spoon into. Here are a few of them.

1. TWIX; $10

This chocolate dip comes with bits of crunchy biscuit inside, just like a Twix bar—and though it unfortunately doesn't have any caramel, we bet it's still delicious.


According to the reviews, this crunchy chocolate-and-honeycomb-spread doesn't do the original candy bar justice, but is still delicious in its own right.

3. MALTESERS; $13 

If you're craving a different kind of British sweet, you can also try Maltesers Teasers. Originally chocolate balls with honeycomb-like malt centers, the new version can be found in a jar and can be used as a spread or in recipes.


This decadent spread comes with little flakes of coconut just like the chocolate bar it's based on, sans chocolate.


This spread has a creamier consistency than the crumbly peanut butter found in Reese's peanut butter cups—the better to spread it on toast, apple slices, and other snacks.

6. HERSHEY'S; $14

Melting down chocolate can be a time consuming process. Skip it by buying this two-pack of creamy Hershey's chocolate, which you can easily slather on pancakes or use as a dip for strawberries and pretzels.


Caramel eggs can be messy to eat—but not if you're scooping the good stuff with a spoon or eating it on an apple slice. According to one reviewer, this delicious spread "is what HEAVEN tastes like."