Starbucks Experiments With Whiskey Barrel-Aged Coffee

Michele Debczak
Starbucks / Starbucks

Just weeks after introducing ice cream to select locations, Starbucks has announced the debut of two additional new menu items. For a limited time, Fortune reports that the company's Seattle Roastery is now selling coffee made from beans aged in whiskey barrels.

To make the latest specialty drinks, green Sulawesi coffee beans are scooped into empty whiskey barrels salvaged from Woodinville Whiskey Co., a local distillery. Over the course of several weeks, the barrels are then turned, by hand, to ensure that every bean absorbs the oaky aroma.

"You get those earthy notes mingling with the oak to create a cup that’s unlike any other,” Duane Thompson, manager of the company's Global Strategic Beverage Innovation team, said in a press release. Once they’ve been aged, the beans are roasted and used to make two drinks: Barrel Aged Cold Brew and Barrel Aged Con Crema.

Both drinks are sweetened with vanilla syrup (also aged in a barrel) and the hot con crema coffee comes topped with cascara sugar and foam as well. The Starbucks Reserve Whiskey Barrel Aged Sulawesi beans will also be available to purchase by the bag.

[h/t Fortune]